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PNDUS: Indonesia to Become the Largest Southeast Asian Market

PNDUS frontline staff said, Indonesia has a large young population, so the country may become the largest market in Southeast Asia. PNDUS is confident about the development prospect of the region’s vaping industry.

On October 20, IECIE Vape Show had its opening at the JI Expo, Jakarta. The exhibition covers an area of 12,000 square meters with expected attendance from 100+ exhibitors and 10,000+ visitors.

PNDUS Bio’s Booth is simple with a white theme and under the logo, the sign of ODM – OEM business is clear and obvious. According to the staff, PNDUS’s booth is located next to the main road of the hall, which is the way for visitors to enter and exit, so it is easy to attract attention.

PNDUS’s frontline staff said that in order to meet the demand of Southeast Asian audiences, PNDUS has specially customized large cloud amount products and low-priced cartridge-shaped e-cigarette products. PNDUS staff said that although the Southeast Asian market is currently dominated by pod vapes, it will gradually follow the trend of other markets (the United States, the Middle East, etc.), so the main products in other regions were also brought to this show.

PNDUS staff is quite confident when speaking of the future of the Indonesian market. They said there is a large young population in Indonesia, so it may become the biggest market in Southeast Asia. In the next step, PNDUS will improve its corporate compliance work and insist on conducting business under the premise of compliance.